Fixing the problem of losing a SS card

Today we would take the opportunity to let you discover what is needed once you lose your Social Security Card, ensuring that your personality is imperative, below are the first three things you should do when you lose your social security card:

1: Protect your identity.

Administrations, for example, LifeLock can allow you to control any movement in your social security to automatically number by email to help recognize and address any usual exchange that may arise.

2: Order a replacement social security card.

You can register specifically with the Social Security Administration (SSA), or you can request the handling of the online application form SS-5 to send it by mail. Your lost SS card does not need to be a bad dream; can make the procedure less demanding.

3: Better insure your replacement Social Security Card.

We propose to configure your card in a plastic cover for insurance, ideally a water and water/air guarantee sleeve. It is also better to store your card in a fire resistant safe with all other individual documents.

Social Security Cards and Identity Theft

Did you notice that, in case you lose your social security card, wholesale fraud can occur? The problem is that these cards have proved to be such a vital part of the lives of Americans that they provide the basis for a large number of recognizable tests. However, people still carry them in their wallets without considering what might happen in case of loss or theft.

When someone approaches your card, you can do several things.

First, they can use the number to request credit cards and credits. Attached to a fake driving license on your behalf, there is no conclusion about the number of evil things you can do, including rentals, land positions, and the sky is the limit from there. The first thing you can think about this circumstance is the moment when a creditor knocks on your door. You must display your social security card in the human assets office taking into account the final objective to start another activity. In this way, in case someone enters and obtains a position in your name and then extorts money, the police can go after you. It is likely that it requires some investment to rectify this circumstance.

In case the offender can get very close to his birth date, the problems become much more serious.

If you have discovered that your social security card has been taken, you should obtain a wholesale fraud guarantee benefit immediately. They will monitor your financial and individual data to inform you if something has happened. It could be that you lost it and nothing terrible will happen. Anyway, in case you do, you need insurance.

Consequently, the ideal approach to maintaining a strategic distance from data fraud is to be vigilant. If it is too much, refrain from transmitting your social security card number. Place your social security card in a protected place and never reveal your social security number to anyone unless it is vital.

In case something goes wrong, they will resolve it with monetary organizations and legal experts. They can even remunerate you for the cash you have lost.

Dealing with Addiction

For any person who has struggled with substance addiction, getting sober always stands out to be the toughest phase of their journey. Some of them never chose to follow this path from the complexity that they believe it holds, but it never is. What is sobriety you may ask, sobriety is the state of staying sober and thinking straight while not being under the influence of any substance, Addiction can come in several forms such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction or even habits such as gambling. However, all of this can be overcome through several simple steps before resorting to Women’s Drug Treatment as a final step.

Step 1: Accepting and acknowledging that one suffers from an addiction.

This is the first step to recovery. Acknowledging one has a problem is a way tuning their mindset into being open to any rehabilitation. An addict who acknowledges how affected they are is easier to reform than one who is still in the state of denial.

Step 2: Find your support system

Finding a support system is a way of reassuring a patient that he is not alone and that he has people he can depend on. Humans generally have a weakness of depending on others for moral support in times of need. This is essential to reduce stress levels and depression, creating a sense of understanding among them and improve their coping skills. A support system could be in form of friends and family or even groups of people facing similar challenges and trying to turn to a new leaf.

Step 3: Turn to more constructive activities

On most occasions, addictions arise from past negative experiences that influence the victims to channel their frustrations into their addictions. In other instances,addictions may arise from peer influence and a few cases being genetic. On the contrary, all of these cases can be corrected through finding creative activities to engage in during the times one could have spent indulging in their negative habits. Such activities could eventually give them a sense of accomplishment.

Step 4: Set your own goals of how much you want to accomplish by the end of this phase.

This is crucial for enabling a patient to continue staying on track at all times. Such goals will also make you more committed to your journey and ensuring its overall success. Goals can be as simple as reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis to a point that you gain a sense of freedom from them.

Step 5: Work on your mind, body and soul and ensuring positivity at all times.

Taking care of yourself in this manner will allow you to regain your sense of self-respect giving you a feeling of being in control. This can be done trough eating right, exercising or even yoga to relax your mind and body. It is amazing how much a great body can do for your self image. Considering how much drug addiction can take a toll on the human body, it is therefore advisable for the patients to try getting back on track.

Following these 5 simple steps will eventually do wonders for you creating a better version of yourself.

The typical cost of plumbing

The pipes responsible for transporting fresh water to one’s home are often taken for granted. these pipes also transport sewage away from one’s place of residence. these pipes are often ignored until something goes wrong. Pipes may get damaged and result in water leakage. Leaks can soak walls, ceilings and floors. Clogged drains and toilets can be a headache and make one’s home unlivable. This is where plumbing comes in handy. Regularly hiring a plumber for repairs can help to avoid such problems and bring comfort to Iives. With new technologies and innovations, efficient use of water with minimal wastage has become possible. Water-efficient plumbing is extremely important for the preservation of water and everyone should opt to install new water-efficient equipment in their homes. Thus, plumbing and Faucet Repair is an extremely important job which is often overlooked.

The most common question that will pop up in one’s mind is, how much to pay for plumbing services? Plumbers might charge by the hour or the job. The average hourly cost of a plumber ranges from $45 to $150. Some plumbers might not break their labor rate into hours and charge a flat rate for a particularjob. The average cost for various services provided by a plumber is discussed below.

Leak repair- Plumbers can fix single pipe leaks and can even install the complete piping system of the house. Installing new pipes can cost a person around $1040.

Toilet repair- Toilets are subject to many problems. Plumbers have all the equipment and are trained to deal with all the problems like clogging and overflows. Getting a toilet repaired from an expert can cost around $210.

Drain cleaning and sewer repairs- Slow draining due to clogging can cause a lot of problems and some of them can be very gross. Foul smell, noises and overflow of water are some of the major problems that one can come across. Plumbers can inspect such situations and help one get rid of these problems. Clogged drains can be repaired for about $209. The average cost of cleaning a sewer line is $296 whereas repairing a sewer main can cost around $2490.

Water heater services- Many plumbers provide the service of installing and repairing water heaters. The average cost of repairing a water heater is around $545 whereas installing a new water heater can cost around $970.

Little problems can lead to big problems and can cause a lot of damage to the house. Repairs can cost a lot which means it is better to check these problems and hire a plumber to solve them as soon as they arise. Always keep in mind to call a company that provides licensed plumbers as they are well trained and have acquired expertise in this field. Licensed plumbers warranty their work and it’s always better to hire them. Ignoring problems related to plumbing can cause a series of problems. Never overlook plumbing and avoid the problems related to it to prevent house damage. Also it is better to install water-efficient equipment to lead a comfortable life.

Why you should call a professional plumber

A plumber is a skilled person that specializes in establishment and maintenance of water systems, sewerage systems, and drainage systems. The following are elaborate reasons as to why you need to seek the services of a skilled plumber;

A professional plumber will know exactly how to fix the faults in your drainage systems as he/she already has the required expertise, knowledge and master experience to carry out the task at firsthand and ensure quality permanent results. This will save you future expenses that you might have incurred as a consequence of hiring unskilled labor force that will leave the systems prone to repairs. Professional Cleaners will not mess around with the system and create more problems. However, in case professional causes a fault, the fault will be handled at a zero charge since they are licensed and insured.

It spares your quality time that you could have spent pacing
up and down looking for the necessary tools that would be required to perform
plumbing tasks. This is due to the fact that professional plumbers do carry
with them the right tools required to undertake the plumbing tasks. This
results in efficient carrying out of the task with neither wasting quality time
nor incurring any more costs.

Hiring a professional plumber will ensure you enjoy a string of services associated with the plumbing channel. You will be able to identify and repair drainage leakages, fitting new pipes, replacing worn-out pipes, installing new technologies associated with plumbing systems all of which come at a fair cost.

Professional plumbers assist property owners to be great custodians of their property. They ensure frequent check-ups and repairs to your drainage system. This ensures that the defects of the system are detected early in advance thus precautionary steps are taken in advance to prevent substantive damage that might have occurred as a result of a faulty plumbing system that will require costly repairs. They will know the correct procedures that should be undertaken when dealing with problems that involve gaining access to vulnerable points of your property such as walls and ceilings which require greater care when handling.

Professional plumbers will identify a nail in a hay stack. All I mean is that will identify even the hardest problems in a plumbing system. The major reason is that they will dig into your entire plumbing system to ensure that once a fault is repaired it does not recur in future. Moreover, clients will be able to receive full reports associated with the system as professionals to carry out a detailed diagnostic of the entire system.

Most professional plumbing companies offer pro bono services. This means that a client is able to receive professional advice in case your plumbing system faces another setback. This ensures great customer support services to clients. This assists the client the client to ensure tasks are carried out efficiently resulting in reduced damage to property.

They offer emergency plumbing services. Sometimes there comes a time when certain incidences require professionals to handle them. Certain emergencies such as leakages may cause vast damage to property unless handled with immediate effect. Most plumbing companies will act immediately when asked to attend to emergencies thus saving you costly repairs.

Hiring a professional plumber result in saving you a chunk of costly expenses that you might incur as well as ensuring that all your plumbing works are carried out efficiently.

Benefits from having a Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200

More and more men are giving up painful disposable razors in favor of a quality electronic trimmer, and this isn’t just true for clean-shaven men. The skin beneath a man’s beard is still impacted by razor quality, and a reliable electronic trimmer is a must for maintaining a well-coiffed beard and good-looking beard.

One of the most popular electronic beard trimmers on the market is the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer, Series 7200. Why is this trimmer so popular, and what features does it have that make it stand out in the crowded market of electronic trimmers?

Integrated vacuum system

Any man who uses a standard electronic trimmer from the beard care shop website knows that the loose hairs left behind during trimming are a major drawback of this technology. While a classic shave attaches hair to the shaving cream which can then go down the sink, electronic trimmers send tiny hairs all over your sink area, and sometimes these are too small to easily remove, sneaking their way into every available space around where you shave. Even when product designers think to include features designed to “catch” loose hairs, the design is usually of mixed or low quality.

The Series 7200 beard trimmers avoid this by using a vacuum system that’s been demonstrated to collect up to 90% of hair mess. The suction effect is really powerful and should help end hair mess problems. The collected hair can be disposed of immediately after shaving.

“Lift and trim” technology

Another nuisance when using an electronic trimmer is the need to shave the same spot repeatedly, or with exaggerated carefulness, in order to get rid of tiny patches of hair which are difficult to catch. the

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 addresses this with “lift and trim” technology which, as its name suggests, lifts hair up to an even, uniform length before cutting it, creating smoothness and helping men avoid the need to re-shave the same area again and again.

Self-sharpening blades

You read that right: the steel blades won’t run out or need to be replaced as they are extremely sharp and are self-sharpening. This is a major advantage to this series, as the blades of electronic razors are usually the first component to become ineffective due to dullness.

Easy cleaning

The blade is cleanable with tap water, and the hair chamber can easily be emptied into a trash can (rather than putting hairs all over your sink like a standard electronic razor).

The product also comes with a cleaning brush to make sure the blade is totally cleaned after each use.

Long battery life

Many electronic beard trimmers have a short battery life, or become unusable while corded, which is pretty inconvenient when you need to trim and get out the door. The Series 7200 beard trimmer has an 80-minute cordless battery and is usable while corded.


When you purchase the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200, you receive a detail trimmer for precision shaving, a built-in beard comb, 2 precision combs, and a cleaning brush. The trimmer itself comes with 20 different length settings, a major improvement on its predecessors.

A leader in its field

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 offers a seriously detailed, reliable shaving experience while helping deal with many of the annoying and unsightly aspects of electric beard trimming, such as hair mess and non cleanable blades. Its double-sharpened, self-cleaning blades give it a long life and great value. Out of the many electronic razors available today, we think this one is definitely worth checking out for the discerning consumer.

What Makes Commercial Roofing Different?


Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing in many ways. The differences stem from the fact that commercial buildings are installed in different settings, in accordance with specific regulations and to different expectations. Here is what makes commercial roofing different.

Commercial roofing is differently designed

Commercial roofs will, most of the time, have a gentle slope. Reasons for this type of slope vary, from the ease with maintenance, less pressure on the building, to the type of materials commonly used for commercial roofs.

Residential roofing in Cincinnati is, on the other hand, mostly steep. These roofs don’t usually cover a large area compared to commercial roofs, allowing them to extend upwards. Residential roofs also form a part of a building’s aesthetic appeal, and high, conspicuous roofs are desirable.

Commercial Roofing is More Costly

Commercial roofs often cover more area, involve complex construction techniques, and more roof components. As a result, they require more specialized tools and technicians to construct. It, in the long run, means higher installation costs. Commercial roofing also takes more time to complete, which translates to more expenses.

Different Materials are Used in Commercial Roofing

In commercial roofing, durability and cost are the main factors when it comes to choosing the best roofing materials. Modified bitumen, metal and single-ply are the most common types of commercial roofs. They’re popular for their relatively low cost since large areas are covered. The materials used in these types of roofs also perform better for the commercial roofing requirements.

For residential roofing, tiles, shingles and slate are the main materials used. Though more costly, the areas covered by residential roofs are usually small, making such roofs affordable.

The Installation of Commercial Roofs is Different

Construction of commercial roof takes a completely different approach compared to that of residential homes. Commercial roof installers have to take into account the inclusion of various components not usually found in residential roofs, such as numerous pipes.

Also, the methods used and the skills required are sometimes different to suit the requirements, regulations, and the type of materials used. It makes installing a commercial roof a different job from constructing a residential one.

Commercial Roof are Easier to Maintain

Because they’re less steep, maintaining commercial roofs are much easier to maintain compared to the steep residential roofs. Almost anyone can work on a commercial roofing, while the high sided residential roofing would require a skilled professional. However, replacing a commercial roof can be more difficult co!pared to a residential on. It’s bound to be heavier and harder to move.

Commercial Roofs Take Longer to Install

It can take weeks to install a commercial roof. The large area covered and the specialized work and materials involved are what causes this. Residential roofs take much less time to install because of the simple materials used and the less area covered.

While commercial roofing might appear to be similar to residential roofing, there are subtle differences between the two. Roof installation companies may offer both services but that doesn’t mean that the techniques, design and the material used are the same. Government rules and regulations governing the installation of commercial roofs are also different from those of residential roofs.

Growing out your beard and the science behind it

Having a thick, fast-growing and well-groomed beard is a prized possession, not all can possess. But it doesn’t mean that it is not worth it to test your luck in this arena. Growing a beard is an important decision to make and it is a commitment at the same time. Perhaps you were impressed by a friend who recently grew a beard and shared his good experiences with you or maybe you were intrigued by the new funky and eye-catching beards trends going on or you just want to have an experience of your own with it. Whatever the case may be, exploring is never a bad idea. Read up on websites like to ensure the highest beard growth success rate.

Let’s first get into the scientific facts and factors to help you understand how hair growth works. Every hair on any part of the human body undergoes three stages or phases. They are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen is the growth stage, which means how long will the beard take to grow into the desired form. It may not grow in some cases for up to six years but generally starts to grow within the first two months. genetics plays a key role in this stage as it is the crucial factor that helps to determine the duration of this stage. Keep in mind genetics is a thing that cannot be changed or tampered with to get your needed results rather it is about how you take it and make most of it.

The next stage is Categen during which the hair stops growing or the production of new hair stops. The hair in the follicle will stay underneath the skin for a while. This should not be a problem as it stays for a short period of time.

After Categen the next stage is called Telogen, in which a baby hair starts developing in the follicle and the old hair gets weak and falls out in order for the new hair to take its place. Here you might notice some fallout or breakage but it is just a process of the hair regeneration.

Along with the phases, hormones are also a factor of this process. The sex hormone called Testosterone, which is responsible for the development of secondary characteristics such as more body hair and other hormonal changes in both males and females. The highest levels of this hormone are found in males who have reached adolescence which helps them develop a deeper voice and more muscle mass. It also leads to the growth of the facial hair.

On an average, the hair growth rate is about 1/2 or more per month. This can be boosted with proper eating habits, good sleep, and exercise along with good beard etiquettes. Poor eating and sleeping habits will most likely slow this process. Bad beard etiquettes or poor hygiene may lead to breakage or fallout. Another myth that has become popular in the past years is that shaving helps in making the beard’s thickness and growth which is not true as shaving only cuts the hair on the outside whereas growth takes place in the roots. Also, remember that this process will only give you desired results if you put effort and time into it along with patience. As they say in the old saying, “Good things to those who wait patiently”.

Why payment processors are important

Doing business in a place where quality is key, calls for your expertise in your transactions as well knowing you merchandise aptly. With this in mind, one stands a high chance of succeeding in fetching the right right prices for your product. At the same time knowing how the payment processors charge for the same product with the same quality is an added advantage. Many merchants fail to recognize this fundamental point before their intrusion into the market as can be seen on

How do you determine that the payment processor is okay with the CBD transactions is the most important factor? Before you start out the transaction, it is important to know the market value of your merchandise. This is a high-risk venture and therefore it is vital for the merchant to be witty before entering into it. That not withstanding, it has a high-profit margin that is worth the risk. always do a thorough research on the service providers as some of them do not fully understand the law pertaining the CBD transactions. To avoid future frustrations in payment, go for genuine payment points that place everything on the table for without hidden charges that appear later after several transactions.

Before signing any contractual terms, confirm that the merchant account does not charge extra fees including set-up fees, monthly fees or any other as this would be very costly in the long run. some merchant account processors are not clear in the beginning and do not disclose all information pertaining the merchant account operations. Always engage the already legalized outlets to avoid risking your account being frozen by the state authorities.

While doing your transactions it is advisable to acceptable non-monetary standards of payment then have the same converted to cash which is deposited into the account using the high secured credit cards though they do have a higher risk margin as opposed to normal credit cards. These kinds of transactions have become very common owing to the fact that many US states have started legalizing the use of CBD products due to their high medicinal value.

Although legalization is slowly taking place across all the states, it is prudent to state that this does not guarantee you the automatic gate pass into the market. many financially-supported institutions do not really engage in such transactions reason being that they are federal-state organs. Many payment processor transaction account merchants fear their operations could be ieopardized by the reality that they have been allowing illegitimate account holders to operate accounts with them.

Honestly, there are no standard yardsticks that can legitimately be used to determine how a payment processor account merchant is charging. This can be attributed to the fact that many of the leading financial institutions shy away from allowing their pay points being used by the CBD merchants. They are yet to accept remittance of payments through them. In this regard, it is advisable to work with service providers that have a vast wealth of experience in the sector.

All in all, the payment processors for CBD account merchants are not all that a risk since if done with precaution and with experienced partners bring back a high-profit margin. It is a venture if done within the law can mint millions of dollars.

Why the trees in your lawn also need to be looked after

If you have trees in your lawn, it is important that you take care of those trees just as much as you take care of your grass.The trees in your lawn aren’t like the trees in the forest where nature gives them everything they need to thrive. Trees need help because of the harsh climate they live in. You will most likely say what harsh climate? Learn more from What I’m talking about for one thing is air pollution, in the forest trees, get all the fresh air they need but in the city, they are choked by carbon monoxide gas from vehicles. Trees can not process carbon monoxide gas. They need carbon dioxide.

Another hazard that trees confront in the city is road salt. The salt most likely being spread by the snow plow in your town is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is simple table salt, but it is deadly to plants. The melting snow full of salt saturating the soil has an effect on tree roots making it harder for them to take in water, and if the salt level is high enough the water in the roots of the tree can actually be drawn out. When the snow plow goes by spreading salt the salt is not just getting on the roots but cars going by following the plow spray the salt up onto the tree. If the tree starts budding while the snow plows are still spreading salt the salt being splashed upon the tree will coat the new buds and twigs causing them to dry out and that will cause deformed growth.

Something that most people don’t even think about is trunk damage. This happens from weed eaters, lawn mowers or improper pruning even storms. Even birds can cause trunk damage. Trunk damage that reaches the cambium layer is the most serious because the cambium layer is what takes care of water flow. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about trunk damage.

Of course, you need healthy soil. Good healthy soil will be black and easy to make a ball with. In other words not crumbly. There can be so many reasons why soil may be unhealthy, but it’s easy to help your plants along all you need to do is add the right nutrients. You can buy a kit that will tell you what your soil needs to make it healthy.

You need to take care of your trees because they live in the harsh climate of your yard and not in the woods or forest where they would naturally get everything they need to be a happy healthy tree. The last thing that can damage a tree is its owner, improper pruning. If you plan on pruning your own tree make sure you know what you are doing before you touch that tree or you will kill it. You don’t want to do that.

These are all the reason why you need to take care of your tree just as much as you take care of your lawn. Your tree needs a lot of attention to stay healthy so take care of your tree.

Success in moving

Whenever you move out, it is recommended to always update your mail address. For a success in this, you need a good company to help you out. Without updates, your mail might end up going in the wrong address. Updating your mail address when you move out to a new place is legally required by the government as seen in
You might be moving your business or home to a different location, updating your mailing address is very important though not an easy thing to do. Below are a list of people you need to notify if you need to update you mail address to avoid
The Postal Service, Federal Revenue Service in your area, the State or Provincial Revenue Service, both your initial and recent Local Revenue Department, your bank, accountant, lawyer, your customers, vendors, payroll provider, your cloud services and your insurance provider. Informing these people that you are moving out, will make updating your new mailing address a little bit rough.
Updating your new mailing address protects your identity from being stolen, prevents your mails from falling in the wrong hands and also ensures your driving licence is updated.Updating your mailing address with multiple companies can be cumbersome and isn’t recommended. Therefore, it is very important to just use one company to help you update your mailing address.
There’s always a why it’s cumbersome to update your new mailing address with multiple companies. Updating your mailing address requires you tojust identify one company to help you update your mail address. This will ensure you get important correspondence you might always need. It also protects you from violating the law that always require that whenever you move to a new place, you must update your mailing address.
The one company you decide to choose to help you with updates will always keep track of you using your identification number. This tracking will enable you receive all your letters in correspondence with your ID. This ensures there’s no mix up of mails or prevents your mails from falling in the wrong hands.
There’s a form you need to fill in order to get showing that you already have updated your mail address with the internal Revenue Service. The company you chose to help you in the update will communicate with you regarding your Federal Tax identification number at your new address.
There are several steps taken to update your mailing address. The first step is always to have a form for changing address. There are many websites available that can help you fill out this form. Your signature plus that of your partner will be needed in the form. After form filling, it is needed to be sent to the company’s office. Based on your new address filled on the form, most companies will take a few days for an update. The most important thing that most mailing address updating companies always want for efficiency is to provide up-to-date information to them. This ensures your mails come to you in the right place. Proper address should always be provided since mistakes will always make the update process longer.


How to go about replacing your social security card in New York City


We’ve all been there. You reach for your keys, your wallet, or some other important item that you own, only to find it is no longer there. Fortunately, replacing your social security card need not be a stressful experience. In fact, the replacement process just requires a few key documents, as described below.

Your social security card can be replaced digitally if you …

1) Have a state-issued identity card or driver’s license from one of these states (

2) Are not changing your name or other information on your card.

3) Are a U.S. citizen who is 18 years of age or older.

4) Have a U.S. mailing address.

If you fulfill all of these requirements, you are eligible to request your new Social Security card at this website here Simply create an account to get started. From this website, my Social Security, you can also check all of your Social Security details and ensure they are up to date.

If you cannot request a new card online, you will need to go in-person to a Social Security Office. In New York City, you can find Social Security Card Centers in Brooklyn, Jamaica, Bronx, and downtown Manhattan. You can find the specific addresses at this website ( fo.htm). It is important to note that these are the only Social Security Offices where those who reside in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Manhattan (regardless of citizenship status) can apply for a replacement social security card.

Once you’ve found a conveniently located office in New York City, what should you bring with you? In order to replace your card, you must provide one document that proves your identity. Your identity can be proven through a U.S. driver’s license, a U.S. state-issued non-driver identity card, or a U.S. passport. If you are unable to provide any of these documents, there are a few alternatives – check out page two of this form ( for more details. However, the Social Security Office does not accept a birth certificate as a valid form of proof of identity.

It is not news anymore to say that the world of today has gone global, where people can sit in the comfort of their houses or offices and get things done just by clicking on their computers or mobile devices. Applying for a social security card is one of those things that can be done from your comfort zone. You don’t have to go to an issuing office, where you may be required to wait for a long time until it’s your turn, you can apply for one right away by following the procedures outlined below.

Meanwhile, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you must bring with you your most recent immigration documents, as well as your foreign passport with a photograph or biographical information.

Last but not least, you should fill out this ( form. When this form is complete, you are ready to either mail your finished application to your local Social Security Office or drop it off in person. Typically, your card will arrive within 10-14 business days of the date your application was processed. With that, you should be well on your way to a replacement Social Security card.

APEC ROES 50 water filtration system


The human body is estimated to be sixty percent water. Every cell in the body therefore, directly or indirectly depend on water as a constituent substance for survival. Natural processes of water loss from the body require that there is constant replacement by use of an appropriate water source, a process termed as re-hydration. APEC ROES 50 is a system of reverse osmosis formulated to provide clean water conveniently to families. An affordable cost and high quality water are some of the benefits of buying APEC ROES 50 for use in families over the other water filtration models.

This system is designed and structurally assembled to offer long lasting water dispensing service by use of stainless steel material making it leak proof as shown on Other components are a set of certified materials approved by food inspection agencies such as NSF and FDA. APEC ROES 50 filters are relatively long lasting with a lifespan of 6 to 12 months which help in maintaining efficiency. These filters are readily available in retail stores and can also be sourced online. Easy maintenance and installation guidelines is provided through user manual, coupled with a one-year warranty with no other hidden maintenance tasks. Installation is by easy step-wise procedure and can be handled conveniently into completion within one hour, thus making the device a preferred set choice. Great taste attributed to this reverse osmotic filter system is registered as a result of its property of trapping all inorganic impurities such as sulfur and other metallic substances which may be present in tap water.


The whole arrangement of this system weighs around 25 pounds making it relatively portable and can easily be dispatched to clients. In order to enjoy unlimited supply of fresh and safe tasty water, the reverse filter system is fitted with super-efficient APEC carbon blocks arranged in one pair, serving to trap toxic Lead and Chlorine based chemicals present in water. Chlorine is anti microbial in action and serves to kill aquatic and marine microorganisms. The filters are high capacity sediment removers of odor, dust, rust and other contaminant particles from water making it ideal for beverage preparation, drinking and cooking among other uses. There is total dissolved substance, TDS, monitoring radar and 100% Lead-free chrome faucet which is in built to help in ensuring efficiency of filtration. Filtration process follows a five stage sequence with each segment of the gadget working to achieve the end product of safe, clean and refreshing drinking water. Preparation of high quality ice cubes and other ice dependent consumables within the domestic setting is appropriate with APEC ROES 50 filtrate since it is devoid of chemical impurities. Smooth and silent operation without humming or buzzing sounds makes the APEC ROES 50 an environmentally friendly water purification and dispenser.


This filter gadget can be installed at all points within a building without fear or causing disruptions by noise emission. Further reliability is enhanced by high contaminant rejection rate which is guaranteed at 99% as provided for by the American designer and fabricators who are WQA certified. Technical customer service is available for the entire lifespan of the system serving as loyalty enhancement. A typical family size can enjoy the benefits of buying APEC ROES 50 water filter since it is appropriate in all aspects of customer satisfaction.

Custom made signs for your business

Custom made signs offer quite a number of advantages that every business should try and leverage on. Unlike normal signs, custom business signs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the business or the target customers. Having a custom made sign often makes your business stand out owing to its different signage. Besides, with a custom made sign you are free to tee up the message to fit what you want your target customers to see. Custom made signs often have a number of benefits.

1. They build your brand.

Custom made signs by Cincinnati custom signs are often the first contact that customers make with your business. They, therefore, help form a first impression about your business and quite often a first impression is a long lasting impression. Owing to the fact that they form the first contact between your business and potential customers, they form a significant image that your customers will associate your business with. Custom made signs can be designed to be uniquely attractive which will in turn boost the image people associate your business brand with. You can customize them whichever way you deem fit which will result in a good image which increases your conversion since people want to be associated with good brands.

2. You can fit them anywhere.

The beauty about custom signs is that they can be tailored to fit where you intend to mount them. Prior to looking for a sign, we often have an idea of where we would like to fit them. It is important to ensure that the sign you choose can fit in this place especially if the place has space constraints. Custom made signs can be made to be of the right shape and size which will ensure they fit their intended place and still reach out to the target customers.

3. Custom signs normally have high returns.

While custom signs may often cost slightly more than regular signs, they often have higher returns than other signs. Their unique design often makes them appealing. This in turn results in better first impression on potential customers who may want to come and checkout your business. The good first impression often results in higher conversion.

4. Custom signs can market your business.

Unlike the other signs, well designed custom signs often stand out in places. Their uniquely appealing design makes it difficult for people to miss seeing them even among other signs. They are eye-catching which results in them being seen by a larger number of people compared to those who see regular signs. This significantly increases the number of potential customers who notice your business and in most cases improves their conversion to customers.

Custom signs often stand out as uniquely appealing. Consequently, they create a good first impression which often results in them having a good conversion of viewers to customers. Custom signs are the new trend and businesses are taking them up to try and push their brands. Their customized design makes them appealing to potential customers which often leads to better conversion of viewers to customers.

Basic Electronic Components

Electronic components are simply the basic elements which are integrated into a discrete form having two or more connecting leads. Common electronic components form the essential parts of an electronic circuit. They are usually manufactured as well as used in the field of electronics. It is defined as the study of electrical devices that are used to control the flow of electrons or electrically charged particles to enable execution of electrical operations. Below are some common electronic components.


Resistors are basically designed to regulate voltage or limit the flow of the current in a circuit. A circuit board functions by routing voltage through its different electronic components in a particular way to give out the desired results. Different components require different voltage for them to operate properly.

Importantly a resistor is a poor conductor of electricity. Also, there are different types of resistors, but each their ability is measured in Ohms.

A variable resistor or a potentiometer is a special type of a resistor that works to control volume, for example, the stereo volume control knob. It just moves the contact point on the resistive material thus adjusting the level of resistance.


An inductor prevents the change of the direction in which the current is flowing which allows low-frequency currents or DC to easily pass through it. Direct currents(DC) always move in a single direction, for example, a river or a stream. However, alternating currents(AC) indefinitely alternates the direction they flow.

The most basic form an inductor is a coil of wire which resembles a solenoid. When the current is flowing through this coil, it creates a magnetic field around it enabling the storage of potential energy in this field. In case the power supply is cut, this magnetic field collapses on itself, thus releasing the potential energy.


A capacitor is a component that stores energy. It is designed with two metal plates which are separated by an insulator for example ceramic, electrolytic or mylar. The voltage across it as well as its capacitance( measured in Farads) determines the amount of energy which it can store.

The flow of electrons from a plate to another charges the capacitor. When it becomes fully charged, continued charging make the current to naturally diminish because the plate can’t hold more electrons. At that point, the capacitor can be considered to be charged as the voltage across it is equal to that of the source.

Voltage detectors

These are the integrated circuits or le that are designed to detect or keep a watch over the current input voltage. These components usually raise an alarm the moment the voltage falls below the set value or limit. These tiny components are very important as they have highly specific and unique tasks to perform. The circuit cannot function properly when connected even without one of these basic components. Most electronic devices as well as the circuit boards that are present in computers, take a team of professional and dedicated electrical engineers to build and design. They choose and then solder the right electronic component onto the printed circuit board which controls how the gadget operates.

What is Freon

Freon, is name for fluorine organic compounds used as heat transfer agents in refrigeration units and as spray gases for spray liquid. These are inert, non-toxic and heat-stable gases or low boiling fluids, and in the form of fluorochlorophthalic acid, they usually derive methane and ethane in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine and chlorine atoms, e.g. CFZCIZ, F2ClC-CCIF2 and the like. – it has been shown that the stratospheric freons react with ozone and its layer (so called ozone hole), which, due to the reduced absorption of shortwave ultraviolet radiation, has a detrimental effect on Earth’s life. That is why today production and use of freons in the most developed countries is prohibited, and in others it is time-limited. Freons are not particularly poisonous, cheap, up-to-date, unreactive, and easy to blend, so they are ideal for use in refrigeration systems and as spray gases in sprayers. There are huge amounts of freons produced and released into the atmosphere, be sure to do your part and get rid of them with

We find them in refrigeration and freezing refrigeration systems, in sprays and cleaning liquids, and are also used as a “suppressor” to make foam materials (styrofoam). They release atoms of chlorine with an odd number of electrons, and they are formed by cleavage of molecules with the help of solar radiation of wavelength less than 450 nm. Solar radiation provides the energy for splitting the molecule of chlorine into a very active chlorine atom. Highly liberated active chlorine, which accumulates in the form of molecules accumulated throughout the winter, ie under low temperature conditions and reduced amount of sun energy, begins to destroy ozone molecules. This is happening for as long as no “empty stocks” of accumulated chlorine are used, which usually lasts about 6 weeks. If there is more chlorine atoms in the atmosphere by freon, then that period is extended. After that, the natural balance of ozone depletion is established. Otherwise, freons are not active in the

The free chlorine radicals catalyze the degradation of ozone. For several decades the production and use of freons has been reduced and the use of other, less hazardous chemicals is encouraged.

Namely, Freon is a flameless gas with no color, smell and taste, which is not poisonous. It belongs to a group of liquid chemicals, and is used in air conditioners and refrigerators. The most famous freons were R-12 and R-22, which were the most important in the production of refrigeration units. Freons are insoluble in water and penetrate high into the stratosphere because they are inert in chemical reactions.

How harmful they are actually is a rather controversial issue. Namely, continuous exposure may be risky and in large quantities can lead to choking. Refrigerants that existed until the 193os as a refrigerant used toxic gases: ammonia (NH3), methyl chloride (CH3CI) and sulfur dioxide ($02). After numerous fatal accidents caused by the flow of methyl chloride from the refrigerator, people began to handle them.

Despite the worry about the substance in air conditioning, the fact is that it is not deadly to people unless the lungs are sunk with it. However, what can be said with great certainty is that the freon is bad for the environment and the ozone layer, since it is lighter than air and moves much faster in the atmosphere, where it reacts. Measurements have established the fact that one molecule of freon in the atmosphere remains 50 to 100 years leading to the conclusion that the consequences will be visible for a long time. The only long-term solution to the problem is to remove freon from use and find an alternative

Benefits of localised SEO in Tampa

Tampa, Florida offers limitless opportunities to businesses leading to countless businesses being set up in every sector. The downside, however, is the heavy competition your company faces. You have probably been told that you need SEO for you to be seen online but wondered what exactly it is. Search Engine Optimization basically optimizes your website so that your rankings on search engines like Google are improved. Here is why your business needs Scott Keever SEO in Tampa:

1.Online Visibility

Today, most businesses are found through online searches. If your business does not rank highly on search engines and you don’t show up on page one of the local searches, chances are that you will not get much traffic and conversions into sales. Local SEO specific to Tampa, Florida helps you become visible online, a major component of the success of your company. Mobile searches today are the highest in delivering consumers to websites and unless you show up among the top results, you will miss out on this huge opportunity.

2.High ROI

SEO should not be considered as expenditure on marketing but rather on investment. This is because when successfully done, it delivers huge returns. Once your performance on search engines picks up, you will start making sales in numbers never thought of before. It results in high ROI because it focuses on organic traffic which leads to conversions unlike purchasing traffic that will lead to good performance but no sales. The other advantage about SEO is that once the cycle begins, more customers will result in more customers as search engines identify the sites that are receiving more traffic and through its algorithms rank them highly for more people in the locality to find them.

3.Relatively Cheaper

At first, investing in SEO may look like a costly affair when hiring a company that performs well. Most people tend to go for pay per click marketing as they feel it’s the cheaper option. In the long run, however, SEO produces better results and will cost less than any other strategy applied. It has the unique ability to offer huge returns at a fraction of the cost you would use on any other strategy to get the same results.


Unlike many other strategies that literally shove products in the face of consumers, Search Engine Optimization places the website at the top of the list and lets a consumer decide for themselves. The more your company shows up on the first page of search engines, the more trusted and credible you seem. Therefore, SEO provides a huge opportunity for building the authority of the brand. Through this, you are placed on a market level that no other business can rival and your success story is at this point taking shape.

5.New Opportunities

Ranking well on search engines will expose you to new opportunities that you have never thought off before. Through analytics, after your visibility online is sorted, you will find out what direction your consumers want you to take and what more can you do to become better. Optimization sets you up for a world of opportunities.


SEO, especially in Tampa, is, therefore, a necessity that can help you outshine most of your competition. Its short term and long term impact are way better than the other strategies available on the market today. Get your company optimized today.

Complete survival guide for a lost Social Security Card

This is a social security card replacement guide that yearns to simplify the steps you need to take when seeking to replace your social security card in the event you lose it or gets stolen.The first action that should come to your mind when faced with such a situation is to notify your social security company or other agencies concerned with the same immediately. This is to avoid identity theft as fraudsters can use your number to commit a host of vices which might land you in trouble while unbeknownst to you.

The agencies that are appropriate to report to in this case and their contact details are as listed below, thanks to

1.Equifax: 1-888-766-0008

2.Experian: 1-888-397-3742
3.TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

The above credit tracking agencies can place a fraud alert on your social security card hence you will be able to track any suspicious activity that might pop up on your card number.

Once you have reported the loss of your card to the relevant agencies, you are on the safe side bearing in mind the harm that could befall you should your card fall into the wrong hands who might have sinister motives such as enriching themselves from your loss.

Let us now dive into the real sauce which is steps to take when replacing your social security card which should not be a very hard task once you have all necessary documentation .Allow me to list for you some of the necessary identification documents that you should arm yourself with when seeking to replace your card:

  • U.S driver’s licence
  • State-issued identification card
  • US passport
  • Once you have one or all of the above documents available, you can now start the process of applying for your social security card replacement.

Here are the key steps to be undertaken:

Step 1: There are basically three ways in which you can apply for a new social security card which are:(i) Online – In this case you need to have a my social security account set up. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for one on the social security administration website. Its also key to note that online applications aren’t supported in all states.(ii) Visit social security administration offices in person.(iii) Make a phone call to the Social security administration offices or mail them your details.

Step 2: Once you have identified your preferred mode of application, you can now delve into the application process by:

1.Logging into your my social security account and filling in your details and submitting online through the social security website.

2.Downloading the application form from the social security website, fill out the required areas correctly and taking them in person to their offices for processing. Kindly note that ypu should have all your necessary identification documents as put out earlier in this article. Without the necessary documents, you should not expect any service from the social security offices.

3.After printing out the application form and filling out the required areas, you may choose to mail them to the social security offices. This is suitable for those folks who stay far from social security offices.

4.There is also an option for calling the offices of the social security administrators using the number provided on their website and after being verified that you are the genuine owner of the lost/stolen card, will start processing a new card for you.

Having done this correctly, you can now sit back and wait for your new social security card at the comfort of your home.The issuance of a new card after the requisite application takes two to three weeks and it can be sent through your mail or any other avenues you may have registered with the social security administrator. Note: For minors who are applying for a new social security card, they must be accompanied by their parents who must be in possession of their own social security numbers, proper identification and also U.S birth certificate for the minor if the said minor happens to be below seventeen years of age.lf the minor in question is seventeen years of age, then they have the option to either fill in their own application or have their parents or guardians do it on their behalf.Kindly note that parents can only represent their minors after being proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are the parents of the minor in question.

What is a form 3575?

It is a form presented to the United States Postal Service by the citizens wishing to change their addresses. The application can be made by an individual or by a business. There are various reasons why individuals change their addresses with, for example, a change of occupation or a change in the area of operation in the case of businesses. Some individuals will argue that the postal mail is no longer relevant due to the advancement in the technology, however, the postal mail service is very important for many reasons:

1. There are millions of people who earn a living from the mailing industry. Therefore, the sector is key to the growth of the economy.

2. Even with the various advantages presented by the change in technology, there is still a need for a service that can be used to convey physical items, the digital channels have not catered for that hence the need for the mailing service.

3. The mailing service ensures privacy for your personal information, this is because the information is only accessible to the workers in the mailing service and the owners of the addresses indicated. Some other means of sharing information do not guarantee the much-needed privacy.

4. Urban dwellers in the United States have easy access to various channels which they can use to get information, however, for those Americans who live in the rural areas, the most common means of acquiring and sharing information is by the use of the mail service.

Provisions of the 3575 form.

1. The 3575 form requires you to indicate your official names as they appear in the government issued identification documents such as the driving licenses and the military identification document. You are required to include your first and your last name. The names should be correct to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

2. The form requires you to indicate whether the application is meant for a single individual, the entire family or for a business entity. The provision is meant to ensure clarity on who is affected by the change. An individual may decide to change their postal addresses without necessarily affecting the entire family, this can be the case where an individual moves to a new location after a change in their occupation.

3. The applicant is required to indicate whether the change of the postal address will be temporary or permanent. An individual may change their postal address for temporary reasons, for example when they go for a vacation. The provision is to ensure that the application is to ensure that the mails do not get into the wrong hands while the individuals are away.

4. You need to indicate your old and the new addresses, for example, the house or the building number and also the name of the street.

5. The 3575 form also for a signature of the applicant authorizing the change in the postal address. The person can be the guardian or any other authorized officer.

Submitting any inaccurate information can lead to prosecution in a court of law, this is according to the constitution of the United States. Therefore, proofread through the document to ensure that all the information provided is correct and verifiable.

3 SEO Basics for 2018 to keep you visible and relevant on the Internet

In the recent past, Search Engine Optimization has steadily evolved and revolutionized the way we knew the Internet. We are no longer in the era where bloggers survived on keyword stuffing, poorly worded content and spammy links with no useful information just to get better rankings. As Internet users demand high quality and credible information, search engine owners like Bing and Google have been working overtime to make the user experience better. However, learning basics of SEO should keep you keep on the race. The thing is, Web indexing has transformed the way websites rank among search engine results. To remain relevant and prominent on the internet, here are a few basics of SEO to keep you going on the road to improving your lawyer website’s SEO. If you need professional help, check out

1. Content is king

If you are a seasoned blogger or website owner, you must have heard that nothing beats content, not even a fancily designed site or paid campaigns. That is not changing any sooner or later. Quality, informative and frequently updated content has the potential to drive organic traffic to your site improving your rankings on both Bing and Google. Active sites are in a better position to achieve long tail web rankings when compared to stagnant ones. One more thing to note is that there is no shortcut to quality content. Search engines have evolved over time and will easily detect plagiarized content which negatively impacts your ranking.

2. It is important to optimize social media platforms too

Now that you have great content on your site, is that the end? Well, definitely not! Ever heard of the saying “do not carry all of your eggs in one basket”? That principle applies to Search Engine Optimization. You have to be visible wherever your customers are. This comprises social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms aren’t just made intended to suit BZC marketing. There are also BZB clients who spend their time there transforming them into integral tools to fuel sales, gain an audience or generate traffic. You see, interacting with a target audience through videos, hashtags, or even posts could send them to your site and convert them into regular visitors or clients. After all, we are looking to make more sales or build an audience. There is also evidence that optimizing your social media sites could help you retain your customers and readers. Social media could mean the difference between failure and success for your SEO campaign. Just don’t leave it out.

3. Every technique in SEO is crucial

Have you been thinking of abandoning classical search Engine Optimization basics like meta descriptions, keywords, H1 tags, H2 tags and rich titles? Not so fast friend! Major search engines like Bing and Google still use these to identify the content on a web page which helps them rank it accordingly. Throwing in a few anchor links in your content could be helpful because it connects your content with the rest of the World Wide Web. These are still some of the best ways to get natural visits. Trust me, fellow blogger, the days for stuffing keywords to drive in traffic are gone aren’t returning any time soon. You better be on the safe side.


Let the truth be known, there is no way we can underestimate the role Search Engine Optimization when it comes to search engine rankings. As people demand better information and ways to meet potential customers and clients evolve, so does the Basics of SEO and its techniques. Search engines will always dictate the rules and we will always have to abide by them and remain updated or else we could end losing our ground on the internet.

Why The Fleck 5600sxt is a great water softener

Hard water in the household usually deposits minerals in your pipes and fixtures. These deposits can accumulate over time and clog your entire plumbing system or damage your appliances. You may have to replace your appliances more often than normal. That’s why having a water softener around is pretty important.

The fleck 5600sxt water softener is one of the best on the market. It is a salt-based system, and it
regenerates soft water through an automated process that enables you to “set and forget.” It is digital metered and comes with a digital display system with unique specifications. Let’s look at some of the advantages that put the softener a cut above the rest.

It is highly efficient

It is equipped with an automated meter regeneration that cuts on running costs significantly. It is very easy to run and maintain this particular system. It regenerates depending on your level of water usage. That means that it increases during high water usage and decreases during low water usage. This flexibility helps to significantly reduce running costs.

Risk-free warranty

The Fleck 5600stx is designed to last a lifetime, especially if you follow the instructions for use. But for added security, it comes with a risk-free warranty which offers a 5-year warranty for the system and a 10-year warranty for the tank. That shows you the level of confidence the manufacturers have on the softener’s longevity.

Easy to install

The system is easy to install. All you require is basic plumbing knowledge, ability to follow instructions and confidence. Instead of hiring an expert who will charge you a lot to install the water softening machine, make it a DIY task and save that money for yourself.

Easy to use

It comes with a friendly interface. Its LCD digital display is able to relay useful information such as troubleshooting and error codes. The touchpad controls are easy to use allowing you to quickly control settings and features.

High capacity

It has a grain capacity of 48, 000. That means that it can provide soft water enough to support a family with 3 to 6 members.

Value for money

Compared to other water softeners on the market, the Fleck 5600stx is quite cheap. The difference could be as high as a few hundred dollars. Despite costing much less, it is still one of the most effective and efficient water softener systems you will find on the market today.

In summary

More than 85% of households in America have hard water. If you are among this huge majority of Americans, your best option for your hard water problem is to get a salt-based water softener. Fleck 5600stx is the best water softener in this category.

Fleck 5600stx is a popular option for most people because of its effectiveness in tackling high amounts of hard water. Despite achieving all that, it still costs cheaper compared to other models on the market. If you live in a family with an average of 3 to 6 people, it is without a doubt the most effective solution to your hard water problems.

Don’t be chairs – stand up!

Most of us have jobs where we have to spend long hours in front of the computer and we tend to sit for most of the time except our little breaks in between. This results in increased weight, spinal issues, a decrease in stamina, etc. Doctors’ advice to change our habits and walk for an hour or two days for us to stay fit. But since, most of us spend most of our day on work, traveling and then family; there’s hardly any time left for us to do so. The most convenient way is to change your sitting desk to a portable standing desk. Portable standing desks ( are convertible desks and hence, you can convert this from sitting desk to standing at any time you like.

Healthy habits always lead us to a positive life

Sitting on chairs have to lead us a bad habit since its causing negative health effects on your body and hence, you should start considering to change it before it’s too late. Below are few benefits of switching to a portable standing desk

Improved Immunity: The major concern with sitting all day is that it leads to many diseases involving back pain, diabetes, obesity and heart-related diseases. Withstanding desk; you can move around easily and use the laptops/desktops at proper eye level. Also, taking breaks will reduce the constant eye contact with the desktop lights. This all will reduce the risk of you having any eye disorders. Standing will also improve your posture and build core strength which will, in turn, make your spinal system strong. Thus protecting you from diseases.

Easy movement and communication with colleagues: Withstanding desk you will feel there is more floor space available and hence, positive about the same. You will no longer need yourself to tie up to the small crimpy desk and sit in awkward position to make yourself comfortable. This will definitely do wonders for your back. You can also communicate with your colleagues easily while standing as there will not be any desk separate and hence, build more relations.

Reduce Weight: Withstanding; your body will require more energy and hence this will increase your metabolism and burn more calories. With a standing desk; you can also walk by the side and give yourself short breaks which is very difficult when you are sitting. This will then result in loss of weight and help you from being obese.

If you are wondering who should use a portable standing desk; then; ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you spending most of the time sitting?
  • Do you feel back pain at regular intervals?
  • Do you get tired afterjust walking for 15-2omins?
  • Do you feel like sitting all the time and can’t stand for long periods?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then you should consider switching to a portable standing desk. But, will doing so take precautionary steps like not switching to a standing desk completely overnight. Give yourself time and gradually increase the standing time; this will give time to your body to develop and adjust. Also, wear comfortable footwear and avoid stylish shoes with heels. This will just cause pain instead of doing any good to you.

How to Change Your Address Online

Changing an address online can sometimes be demanding or complicated especially when we have no idea of where precisely to go. To change an address requires that an individual notifies their country’s postal service website for example in the case where they seek to do it online. This they need to verify online because the procedure may vary per country, state or region. If based in the United States for example, to change your address online requires that you fill an online form called “Change Of Address”.

In filling this form at, it will be required that you submit your name and those of persons moving along with you while you will have to indicate if you are temporarily moving or if it is a permanent decision. Providing this basic information helps the online postal service effectuate the necessary compliance procedure so that all your mails, postal couriers and others can reach you at your new location, including relatives and friends who may not know your new location and might have lost your contact to inquire of your recent address via postal services.

When changing your address online, security measures are put in place to ensure that you are actually the person doing so. This is to avoid scammers from tampering with your information. One of such preventive measures is paying a minimal fee of about a dollar, as is the case with the United States of America. This therefore requires that when attempting to change or modify your address online, you should have a credit or a debit card for the verification fee. This makes room for authenticity.

Further, it is possible to require the form via phone, in the case where you might be constrained by time, work or others. This form for the online change of address can be gotten by contacting the local post office and asking that it be mailed to you. However, of you are free there is a possibility of directly going to the post office and asking for the form, getting it filled and submitting it. This saves you the service fee required for telephone and online conveniences. Changing your address online can prove beneficial especially if you inform a social security association charged with federal benefits. To benefit from them, you should have either a retirement or social security income, medical or a survivor benefit. If any of these corresponds to your situation, then inform the closest social security office about your change of address. This is the surest of ways to see to it that you continue to receive your government benefits without any interruptions. Simply go to their website, enter your new zip code and find their nearest location to inform them and your life will be enjoyable in your new area too.

Finally, after considering these changes, it is important to ensure that other parties like your credit card company are aware you moved address, including your bank, taxation office and other persons who need to know. This will avoid a situation of conflicting interests between your bank and yourself, your officer in charge of your tax, your billing company and your friends mailing you with an archaic address. Do not forget to update all your documents with the new address too.

Precautions to take after you’ve lost your SS card

When talking about social security, it is easy for a lot of people to think about the benefits it promises after their retirement. However, citizens should also be aware of the risks of disclosing security information. Having a more responsible outlook on social security cards – and knowing exactly how they work – can help citizens understand the gravities associated with SSN card id theft, especially when you’ve lost your card and are still waiting for a replacement with the help of

On Identity Theft: Who’s Accountability is it?

We might think that the growing predicament of social security number id theft (alongside other similar forms of information fraud) is a government problem. This argument is understandable, in the sense that only the government has the power to build the restrictions that could stop these thieves from getting into people’s records. Social security benefits are government-provided privileges, therefore making the government administratively accountable. However, people need to understand the social security information protection is a vital personal obligation.

Implications of SSN ID Theft

On a daily basis, people disclose their social security identification without knowing the effects that SSN card if theft entails. For one, personal information that may be detrimental to one’s security and finances may be accessed and used. And in cases of actual data intervention, one’s records could be completely altered and may have more severe effects in the long run like bad credit loss and bad credit standing. This becomes a serious problem regarding future loan attempts as a person may assume he or she has a perfect credit standing, but because of undiscovered social security information theft, banks will turn that application down.

How can SSN ID Theft be Avoided?

A lot of government agencies such as SSA and FTA are responsible for making sure people’s social security records, and accurate are fraud-free; however, to fully prevent id theft from a personal level, an individual needs to keep the following in mind:

Be cautious in disclosing personal information and be weary of phishing methods, especially over the internet Do not trust too-good-to-be-true offers in the forms of business offers, rental schemes, work from homejobs and sudden riches among others

Check your bills and bank statements right away and regularly. Be mindful of unauthorized charges or withdrawals, and report them immediately

Always check your credit reports and scrutinize, and most importantly:

Protect your social security number at all cost and report your lost social security right away

The failure to acknowledge that information security starts from a personal level may be more detrimental because the incidences of identity theft in the many States alone continue to increase annually. This means that although one 5 percent of people are victims of identity theft every year, the vigilance that is you are about to start right now may mean a considerable difference.

For one, personal information that may be detrimental to one’s security and finances may be accessed and used. And in cases of actual data intervention, one’s records could be completely altered and may have more severe effects in the long run like bad credit loss and bad credit standing

Quick guide on Social Security Card replacement

Your social security number is one of the most important pieces of identification you have. It is one of the first and best ways to identify you, whether it is for applying for a driver’s licence, registering for college, or applying for insurance or Medicaid. If your social security number is lost or stolen, it can be a highly stressful experience. Even waiting on changes, such as a legal name change, or change in immigration status can cause complications in other aspects of your life. The good news is, it costs nothing to replace a social security card. But it will take time, and require some documentation from you if you go through

You can obtain a new social security card at your local Social Security office. These are listed online, and there are about 1,300 across the US. It is important to go to the office in person; The social security office does not accept photocopies of your documentation, and mailing these documents and your request runs a risk of identity theft. You can, however, apply online if you meet the following criteria:

You are a US. citizen 18 years or olderYou are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card (these changes must be put through on paper)You have a driver’s license or state-issued piece of ID from any of the following:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Delaware (driver’s license only)
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin (driver’s license only)

When you arrive at the Social Security office for a new card, processing the request takes you only a few minutes. You will be required to submit a one-page application (this can be found on, and you can fill it out prior to your visit as well.) Supporting documentation is required, such as a driver’s license, passport, and a marriage or divorce record if it applies. If you are seeking a replacement social security number, or you do not have a driver’s license or passport, the Social Security office may accept other forms of ID such as a school ID, employer ID, or policy number from a health insurance provider that is not Medicaid. If you are not originally a US citizen, you will be required to provide proof of the status of your immigration. Supporting documentation must be presented or mailed to your local Social Security office even for those who choose to fill out the application online.

When all supporting documents have been received, processing and re-issuing the card should take 10-14 business days. If you have not received your card within two weeks, you should call your local office to check the status of your application, and ensure you have all required documentation.

While most situations you might need your social security number will accept just the number, there are still situations which may require the card itself. If you absolutely cannot be without your social security card for the two weeks it takes to process, or if you believe it will take some time to find the documentation, you can request a printout of the Social Security Administration letterhead, to verify your number. This printout can be used as a temporary Social Security card.

Why your business could use a letter sign


Signs are an essential part of marketing for businesses. Placed indoors or outdoors, they help businesses to inform passers-by about their products and services. Business signs have been used for as long as there has been commerce. They have taken various shapes and forms throughout the years. Today, there are many types of business signs. One of the most popular types is the letter sign. Made up of significant letters in the brand name of an enterprise, the letter sign is simple, strategic and goes straight to the point. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors for maximum effect. Here is why your business could use a letter sign from

● Assists with location

A business sign helps consumers to find the physical location of your business. It acts as beacon to which they can refer when searching for your enterprise. A business sign attracts attention. As such, the consumer on the street who is searching for a place to get a service that you’re offering will see your sign and stop over. An attractive one will capture their attention and make them want to visit your location as opposed to neighboring competitors.

● Improves brand awareness

Business signs help enterprises to increase the awareness of your brand among the consumer base. A physical sign can be designed to present the name of your business and also deliver information about the type of product or service that you are selling. There is no limit to the creativity which you can apply as you design a physical sign for your business. Therefore, you are free to be as descriptive as possible resulting in excellent brand awareness by the finished sign.

● Provides an opportunity to connect your physical business to your virtual presence

A business letter sign can help your enterprise to provide consumers on the street with directions on where to find your online presence. This can be done by adding details about your website or email address in the sign. Nowadays, you can add a QR code to the sign for this purpose. Consumers who are attracted to the sign can simply scan the QR code and check out your enterprise website to find out more about you. This is a very important function of business letter signs.

● It makes you different

An eye-catching letter sign makes your business stand out among competitors on the street. A letter sign with attractive font and a great background can easily catch the eye of your target market. Making the sign as unique as you can helps your business to stand out among the crowd.

● It is a cost-effective marketing strategy

Using a physical sign is an affordable marketing strategy. It works for you 24 hours a day, throughout the year. An attractive, unique and eye-catching letter sign for your business may have a high initial cost of installation. However, it will deliver consumers to your enterprise for years to come.


A business letter sign is a very important part of marketing today. It acts as a beacon attracting consumers on the street to your enterprise. The importance of this type of sign has been fleshed out above. If you have a business or are planning one, a sign is one of the first objects that you should invest in.